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How to shipping the carpets/rugs to the client

  • Hi, thanks for browsing Bosi Carpet news.Today we would lik to share with you how to shipping our carpets to you.First, if you want choose one piece or few pieces for you home, the carpets can be shipping by express, such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT etc. Some one like DHL, some one choose the cheapest. The final upon your decision. This is fast and door to door service. But the freight is a lit expensive.Second, if you are a reseller, and can make about 20 pieces for a order. The one way f


Hand Knotted -- How to make handmade silk carpet from Bosi Carpet Factory

  • Two weavers to make one pieces persian silk carpet.If you want make one piece of persian rug which according your design, size, color ect. Bosi Carpet can do it for you.For more details, please contact Ms Maggie:Email: info@bosicarpets.comWhatsApp & Viber: 0086 15838132930


Natural silk from Bosi Carpet

  • Natural silk from Bosi Carpet FactoryOn the market, there are many kinds of persian silk carpet, such as natural silk carpet, artificial silk carpet, wool carpets and arcylic carpet.Here we would like to introduce our natural silk which is made of persian silk carpets.The natural silk is enviromental and healthy also durable. The color is bright than others. And under the sunlight, it is brighter than other material.Before weaving the carpets, the weavers need dyeing the color first to


How to care your handmade silk carpet

  • First, for the Persian rug care, Stop sun damage and keep your rug out of direct sunlight. Sunlight damages the rug by causing it to fade or become lighter where the sun hits it. This is especially true of antique rugs or those with natural substances used for colors.Second, for the Persian rug care , Rotate your rug frequently if it is in the direct sun; rotate at least once a month. The rug will fade, but it will be uniform in color. If your rug is not in direct sunlight, rotate it a


New 6x9 handmade persian silk carpets

  • Hello Everyone!Thanks for you browsing Bosi Carpet website.Here we would like to share some 6x9ft new finished designs.Any interesting of them, please contact us anytime.Emial: info@bosicarpets.comWhatsApp & Viber: 0086 15838132930


Do you like persian carpet

  • Do you like persian carpet?As we known, persian carpet are famous and popular in Iranian, India, Pakistan etc. In fact, China also a big supplier of handmade persian carpets and rugs, including floor carpet, hanging wall carpet, round carpet, prayer rug, also Islamic. All kinds of designs and size available.If you are interesting handmade persian carpet, Bosi Carpet is the one of your choice. From learning, you will know more about us.


Shipping one piece to the customer

  • Shipping the 5.5x8ft nice carpet to USAThe one of 5.5x8ft is popular in USA and there are many size in stock like 2.7x4ft, 3.3x5ft, 5.5x8ft, 6.56x9.84ft, 10x14ft.Here the shipping is 5.5x8ft to the customer who want to choose one piece for his home.The following for packing:Any more details, please contact with Email:info@bosicarpets.comWhatsApp & Viber: 0086 15838132930


Bosi Carpet -- Handmade Silk Carpet Factory

  • Bosi CarpetHenan Bosi Carpet is a professional handmade silk carpet factory in China from 1986.Mainly supply handmade silk carpets with Persian, Turkish, Oriental, Qum, Iranian, Musilim etc. Size from 1x1.5ft to 14x20ft, custimized is also provided according to your special request.Web: www.bosicarpets.comEmail: info@bosicarpets.com




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